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Hey.  It's me, Sam.  So over the years I've planted many blog seeds around the world wide web.  And while I couldn't resist the invitation to join the roster of Hearty Mag blogger beauties, I wondered WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO BLOG ABOUT HERE THAT I HAVEN'T BLOGGERED/TUMBLD/TWEETED/INSTRAGRAMMED.  It dawned on me as my roommate and I were sipping our morning cups of salvation (coffee), that I can blog weekly about my coffee obsession and then something else I like.  I drink my coffee black, so if we want to get metaphorical, we can say that "and then some" is something sweet that serves as a cream and sugar replacement. The formula is simple enough, right? So let's try it on for size.

COFFEE /  Blue Bottle Bella Donovan Blend

I get mine from the Blue Bottle in Williamsburg.  This brew is easy and seems to be a staple on the menu.  So you'll never show up and be disappointed that is out of season or whatever.  I like this coffee because gets the job done, it's comforting, always there...just like I like my men.   Available for purchase here.

AND THEN SOME / Amy Winehouse "Lioness"

I can't get enough of this woman.  God bless her soul, and God bless America that a post-humous collection of songs has been released!  Killer covers of Donny Hathaway and The Shirelles, as well original versions of "Valerie" and "Tears Dry on Their Own."  Buy it, download it, and soak it innnnn.

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