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Ellery, Linn and I flew from LAX to GVA (that's Los Angeles to Geneva, SUI for you people who don't live out of a bag) for the first ever European X Games. I was really excited for this contest because I've never gotten the chance to ride in Europe and because it's the first X Games being held outside of the US. Once in Geneva our Burton TM Adam hooked us up with a ride to Tignes, France where the contest was being held. We got lost a couple of times, ate amazing croissants for breakfast and then got lost in Tignes trying to find our hotel. Our hotel was across the street from the venue and almost everyone was staying there. Our room was really tiny, we could barely fit all of our bags inside, but once we did some creative redecorating we managed.

The first day of practice was interesting to say the least. I had really high expectations for the course and the event in general and even though most of those expectations were met, the course was far from great. It was the longest course I've ever hit in my entire life, 6 jumps and 2 rail features. That's more hits than you get in a half pipe and twice as long as any course we've hit all year long. The skiers and snowboarders both weren't feeling it and a lot of changes had to be made over the next few days to make it work. I ended up hitting my head pretty hard about four runs into practice so I called it a day and hobbled myself and my broken helmet back to the hotel. The next day the course was still a mess, but better than the first so I did my best to figure out all the jumps and think up a run to do. Finals went good, it was the best the course had been all week and a lot of good riders made it into the finals. I was really stoked on how I was riding and was excited about my run, unfortunately I wasn't able to land my final trick and ended up in 4th place. It was frustrating to say the least but I'm happy I went for it. Jenny won yet again, that makes this her 3rd X Games gold in just over a year. Girl's on fire! The lovely Kjersti and Sina took 2nd and 3rd respectively. On the boys side Eric Willet from Colorado took the gold with Sage right behind him and Marko and Stephan rounding out the top four. Everyone rode so well, it was awesome to see and a really fun week!

the course and pipe, check out how long that mother is.

Other than riding I got to hang with a lot of Euros that I don't see much like Stephan, Hasi, Marko, Sina, Christian, Cilka and Lisa. We all stayed in the same spot so it made for a lot of beer drinking and shit talking at the hotel bar. Monster also threw an awesome bowling party complete with skankily clad girls. I'm not sure why companies always feel the need to throw parties and have super slutty girls serve drinks, but the drinks were free so I guess I can put up with a side of boob every now and again. I might have bowled the best I ever have and Evan, Kjersti and me made a solid bowling team.

I finally got to eat raclette! Most delicious dinner, sooo much cheese though.

The meat that goes with the cheese.

Wine, yet another reason why I'm so in love with Europe.

Kjersti getting her bowl on.

Stoked to be bowling, thanks for lending me your scenester glasses Jossi!

Celia is backing them too.

Jamie, Dania, myself and Keri. Another reason why X rules, we get to hang with these betches.

Don't hate me for partying. Dania's a lion who likes pink undergarments.

Everyone uses snus in Europe. I do not see the appeal of shoving a bag of tobacco beside my lip. Gross.

Pashley is my Dragon TM, he has a Bermese Mountain dog and isn't afraid to wear man UGGS.

Charis, myself and Roz. Celebrating Roz's silver and Charis' birthday!

Cilka and Marko, the king and queen of Slovania.

Anais is French, sometimes we call her Frenchie. She got bronze, yeah girl!

Charis was killing it. I love the Aussies!


It was great to finally get over there and shred, I loved it and I can't wait to go back next year for the European Open and Euro X. Thanks to everyone at X Games and all the awesome Frenchies who came out to cheer us on! Viva la France!

Talk soon,


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