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With your hardgoods and outerwear all picked out, here's our top picks for after the hill for the 09/10 season. The translation of the french expression 'apres ski' simply means 'after skiing' and it is celebrated by having cocktails at the resort bar--there's normally no tome for a pit stop at home to get dolled up changed. If you're lucky you'll get the chance to grab your stashed bag or take a trip to your car to change out of your wet boots and socks before the pints start flowing. Here's what you'll need:

Part 3

First Layer:  Fjall Raven Islay Cable Knit Sweater & Patagonia Cool Weather Tights

Before synthetic materials, there was wool. It's still as warm as it's always been and can make beautiful sweaters like this Fjall Raven Islay Cable Knit Sweater. It doesn't look as technical as a lot of the stuff out there, but that's why we like it. There's nothing more cozy as a thick wool sweater, and we swear the peat color even makes it look more comfortable.

Heading to apres ski in your snowboard pants sucks. From experience these tights are perfect for on and off the hill. They are lined with a thin fleece which make them warm under your snowboard pants and when you're done your day on the hill, just take off the snowpants and you'll be have a pair of basic black tights on to rock.

More Accessories: Coal Hat & Gloves, Baileys, Wool Socks & Smith's Rosebud Salve

When you're doing your quick clothing change, be sure to leave your wet socks and gloves behind (no one like wet hands and feet). And a hat can help keep you warm and take care of that post riding hair--just braid it to the side and throw on this Coal hat and you'll be set. Don't forget the Baileys!

Being that girl putting makeup on in the lodge bathroom is a big no no. So don't worry about it! You'll have spectacular rosy cheeks from snowboarding all day, just slap on some lip balm and order another round. Our all time favorite is Smith's Rosebud Salve. It's got a little bit of tint and is ultra moisturizing to help with those chapped lips.

The Vest: Penfield Stapleton Vest

If you don't want to wear your snowboard jacket (or if it's wet), a vest works well. This Penfield Stapleton Down Vest paired with a wool sweater should be the perfect warmth for bar hopping.

The Footwear: Cole Haan Air Juno Shearling Short Boot

This Cole Haan Air Juno Shearling Boot is completely waterproof, wool lined and super comfortable (because of the Nike Air cushioning technology). All the components that make the perfect ski resort boot and even better for those apres ski strolls home.


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