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This Fall, HELLZ is excited to introduce this seasons 2nd installment - ‘Bad Girls Never Die’. The small capsule collection is a direct reflection of the media’s most influential women shrouded in controversy and deemed ’bad girls’ by the public. 70’s rock n’ roll inspired pieces like the ‘Knew Noise’ moto jacket gives the collection it’s hard edged attitude, while a much more softer tone is suggested with the ‘I Heart’ dress – delightfully tempting to even the most ‘rough-around-the-edged’ females around.

‘Bad Girls Never Die’ is filled with streamline hems and playful quirky details that make the collections dark muted color pallete stand out. Much like the women who inspired the collection, such as Wendy O. Williams of the Plasmatics, Debbie Harry and Bianca Jagger, the silhouettes themselves are unconventional and progressive while maintaining a feminine
flare. These ladies who have stirred up trouble and controversy have made themselves into true legends and serve as constant inspiration for HELLZ.

They may say that good girls go to Heaven, but bad girls go everywhere else…. Bad girls never die.

Art Direction: Misslawn

Photography: Brooke Nipar

Hair & Makeup: Matisse

Models: Bianca, Kristen, Lena

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