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Really, I mean it. This place is the epitome of american cuisine and I have to have it every time I'm near one. Cheeseburger animal style with fries and a strawberry shake is my weapon of choice and I always make sure I'm extra hungry before I hit it up.

I think part of what makes In-N-Out so awesome is the exclusivity of it. It's been around since 1948 and is still family owned. You can only purchase a franchise if you know a member of the original family, therefore there's very few and since the beginning it's only expanded from California into Nevada. The recent addition of the Draper location is really exciting and the place has been packed non-stop since it's opening this fall.

Janna and her husband Kirk are bigger fans than I am so we had to stop off at the just opened one in Draper, Utah on the way to Dew Tour. On the way home I was traveling with Lyndon and Davina, two Aussies who had yet to experience In-N-Out, so naturally we made the stop over for lunch. Both were impressed and we took some good photos to remember their first time.

If you're ever in Cali, Nevada or Utah be sure it hit it up, I promise it'll be one of the best burgers you'll ever eat and even if it isn't it'll only cost you $5 bucks so who cares?

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  1. G. says:

    Love your blog!

  2. Can you send one of these to me in Jersey??? lol

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