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Into the gloss is a great resource to anyone who has a) a product addiction (hello!)

or  b) needs help or has curiosity about finding the right or new product.

Like most people we want to know what people actually think about a product before purchase, which is why Into the gloss is so amazing.

They have a number of features from product review, to model spotlights to interviews with industry people from Vogue editors to Jen brill asking them to dish on their must haves,beauty tricks and little finds. I check this site all the time and have found out about products that i now love ie: Juriliques mist's, thank you Jen brill.

Oh and fun fact about this site, it was created by teen Vogue's intern and The Hills super intern from New York, Emily Weiss. This girl has got some serious style and I heart her for bringing this wicked site into my life, and helping to further my product addiction. xo

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  1. jess bloom says: is great too, in the same style. i wish i was as organized as all these people.

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