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The New Hampshire coast.

Rye Beach: Where we spent our days. Not a drop of rain the whole time. (up until the day we arrived they had a record breaking season. Record Broken: the rain of 1902)

We camped: I hadn't camped since I was a kid, pretty fun actually. Note: Bring an air mattress

Summer Sessions: The surf shop we rented from. The owner Tyler and the crew were amazing.

Maine: Looked like it was going to rain, but we lucked out! If you look at the light house at the tip of land -that's where we were heading.

The Nubble Lighthouse: View from where we ate at Fox's Lobster House

Our lunch.

Playing with Food.

Ben eating with his sweet bib.

Last day at the beach was pretty flat so we couldn't surf. I already miss it, gotta go back before my tan fades and I forget my pop-up.

*there are no surf pics cause I couldn't really bring my cam onto the beach.

*Oh the the water was effing freezing. Even with a wetsuit on our feet and hands went numb.


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