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Truth be told my style icons (lets call them the professionals) can't take all the credit. The ladies and men in my life inspire me every day. Their style, their personalities and the way they express themselves, abroad and in Montreal - a city where so many of us have landed. Oh are loved.

What sets Montreal apart from other Metropolises really comes down to the standard of living. Where you'd find yourself 5 stops into Brooklyn on the L living with three roommates and surviving off vegan noodles from the bodega can put you in a one bedroom with your own address in a trendy Montreal neighborhood chowing down on organic groceries. Whats more is that this higher standard of living enables people to do exactly what it is that makes them happy.

Of course this requires a certain amount of ambition, drive and talent. But without having to worry about racking in a huge cheque (or several small cheques) you can make decent money by simply pursuing your dreams. With the right attitude this city and its people are encouraging and possibilities endless.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with eight established or up and coming Montrealers. People with style and aptitude; each possessing that je ne sais pas quoi sensibility or something like it that I will be sharing with you on Hearty. In the words of Rachel Zoe, the interviews are  ba    na    nas. I "died", like, eight times..come back soon.

Friends, Emily and Stephanie 2007

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