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It's hard not to feel like a failure when you fail

It's April, that time of year when we reassess the resolutions we made in January and realize that we've failed at most of them. Instead of feeling like a giant failure, just go with it. Get back on the horse—with some of these fail-proof resolutions for Spring.

1. Stop worrying about your past failures. So you said you'd lose 10 pounds and you gained 5? So what! Go easy on yourself. Otherwise, you'll be putting yourself in the kennel after every meal.

2. Set realistic future goals. Don't be so specific. Set on losing 48 pounds? Plan to smoke 3/4 of a cigarette a day? Sorry, but that just probably won't happen. How about just eating balanced meals and making sure to go for a walk at least three times a week? Or, you could go all out, slather yourself in orange grease and really just go for it.

3. Be kind to your friends and family. Take time to phone, write, visit. Appreciate the people you have around you. Especially on their birthdays.

4. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of your positive traits and features. Tell the mirror. If a 5 year old can figure it out, so can you.

5. Get out more. Take a walk in nature. The exercise and fresh air will do you good. And if you must, scream some love at the trees.

6. Learn a new skill. Maybe take those Spanish for Beginners books out of the crawl space. Or find a recipe you've always wanted to cook. Consult YouTube for useful (and possibly criminal) how-to videos.

7. Get more sleep. You really don't need to watch another Jersey Shore re-run, do you? So just get into your comfiest pj's and crawl into bed before you have to spend another day at work holding your eye lids open with paperclips. Besides, you probably get more exercise in your sleep anyway.

8. Tell someone you love them. Anyone.

9. Take a vacation from work. Even for two days. You get vacation pay for a reason. Maybe it's time to cash it in for some much needed rest. Seriously. Get out of there before you kill someone.

10. Do more of what you love. Even if you're terrible. And even if it means you will have a mental breakdown on camera. 2013 will be the year of shamelessness. Because without it, you wouldn't be anywhere. Happy (Spring) New Year!

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