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tonight i'm taking off to new zealand for some summer riding. new zealand has been a mecca for summer snowboarding for a few decades now and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down. every year the majority of pro snowboarders make the trip south to either train for the upcoming season or shoot for their respective sponsors dealer catalogues. this year i'll be taking part in both and a little contest known as the New Zealand Open which is the kick off event for the Burton Global Open Series. i'm excited to go for a number of reasons; one, i took a few months off this spring to do some non snowboarding traveling so i'm well rested and ready to go, two my boyfriend is coming with me which makes any trip that much better and three new zealand is a really cool country.

so i'm out, bidding farewell to the most beautiful vancouver summer i've had the pleasure of experiencing and saying hello to the cold winter of new zealand. it's definitely bittersweet, but i can't wait to get down there and start riding. i'll let you know how it is...

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