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Was in Porto Alegre last night for a gig at Meat Club (yah... we know -- the name right?)

When we asked them about it,  they said their motivation was from the meat packing district in New York.  Even still, the name doesn't make much sense to most, but it did to them! One thing for sure -- you wont find another dance club in the entire world with that name, equaling a half point for uniqueness (or not).

This is where Europeans flocked back in the day, so they breed some of the hottest women and men here. Gisele Bundchen is from here as are many other models... We are in the south, and mucho tall personas acqui, opposite of the north of Brasil.

No beach here, but a river, and if you drive a bit to you can go boating, wakeboarding, etc ,etc where many have a summer home.  fly one hour and you are in Punta, Chile or Argentina.

Random, but we were driving through the posh, Bairro Moinhos de Vento (Windmills) and drove past a condo building called "MONTREAL QUEBEC".

On to the facts:
Apparently Porto Alegre is known as the "countryside".
Cute restos, shops, walking on Rua Padre Chagas
Go to Faro for drinks/dinner (modeled after minimalistic goodness of architechure from Punta del Este), Schutz for shoes, Moinhos Shopping Centre for womens shopping, press cafe for coffee, Saude No Copo for acai and Meat Club or Pink Elephant for party.

Drink Klerico - south brasil's version of sangria, or a murango juice, alll mmmm.

What did we eat?

Light dinner @ Faro

caprese salad  -- the tomatos come hot, and tastes as if they added some sort of maple syrup on it... lol. who would've thought quebec had its place here.  not recommended.
parisia/churasco -- bbq meat & cheese & pita
Klerico -- delicious, muchos fruits, and gets a good happy buzz going
Bruschetta -- yummy tomato salsa topping
Murango Juice (Strawberry)

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