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Rickey Kim & Levi Maestro have been busy the last several months working on a video series called “The Process.” The idea of this project came about from the two sharing stories about the small nuances and tidbits that they encounter each and every time they meet people that inspire them. Here they present the first segment of their video series, as they profile Eddie Cruz (co-owner of Undefeated, Supreme LA, and Stussy LA). Rickey Kim serves us an interesting piece through his view. Very refreshing...& its just the beginning of a whole series..we cant wait to see more...

Eddie Cruz is a Los Angeles resident who co-owns the Undefeated brand/retail store. His role in the street fashion cannot be denied, yet it's his quiet and kind demeanor that leaves the deepest impression.

The Process - Profile: Eddie Cruz from Evil Monito Magazine on Vimeo.

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