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we left the hotel early the next day to catch an 11 am flight to calgary. mikey and mikkel barely made it downstairs in time to catch a ride, let's just say they've looked better. when we got to the airport we were kindly informed that our flight was delayed two hours so we checked it, shuffled our feet through the all too familiar process of security and grabbed some breakfast on the other side. i couldn't bring myself to drop in on the 'monster breakfast burrito' so i ventured to starbucks only to be let down by the fact that the US ones don't carry breakfast sandwiches or the delicious yogurt parfaits, that come to my rescue all too often. i settled for a chai latte and a 'seasonal' fruit cup. they should just change the name from 'seasonal' to 'whatever is the cheapest' already, we all know what we're getting into and it's far from gourmet and barely even fresh. seattle is one of those lame airports that haven't caught onto the total awesomeness that is free wifi so i passed the time by playing sudoku, contemplating buying rosetta stone and actually attempting to learn another lanuage and flipping through the pages of US weekly, Vanity Fair and things of that sort.

when we arrived in Calgary it was minus 9 and there was snow on the ground. i got home from winter just over a month ago and snow is a friend i wasn't exactly thrilled to see again so soon, i was hoping to hold off another meeting until at least november. i made due by layering every piece of clothing i had with me as we crossed the tarmac into the heated terminal. we checked into the westin with enough time to check some emails before we headed to lunch. american's love joey's, they think its amazing, ahi tuna taco this, chile chicken that. it's like 'oh we're going to calgary, can we go to joey's?' i just find it funny because i guess they're version is red lobster and california pizza kitchen which are far from as good as our chains like the previously mentioned joey's, earls, cactus and browns. anyways, we dropped in on nearly everything on the menu and three or four super stoke cokes (my new fave! tastes just like vanilla coke which i miss so much!) before heading back to the hotel. a few of the boys ventured to the french maid for some low budget adult entertainment while the rest of us returned to our rooms for more socially acceptable pass times.

we arrived at the venue to a lot of eager fans, which was a nice change from our dismal autograph signing in seattle. everyone was so pumped to be there and check out the movie so it was a pleasure to get to meet so many awesome people. there was even a few i remembered from last year so i made sure to hook them up some goods at the end of the movie. afterwards we all headed to the hi fi where i drowned myself in vodka sodas till four in the am. before i was completely inebriated i shot a few photos local vancouver artist, ben tours work they had hanging. i love him, he is the best and by the end of the night i definitely thought about stealing them. good night, old friends, new friends and one sore pair of feet. thanks calgary and thanks burton for putting it on.

talk soon,


breanna (it was her birthday!), myself and taryn.

the fantastic ben tour.

and again.

mikey doing what he does best. you should hear this kids jokes.

mark gets all the babes, just look at that face.

one of the best parts of the trip. this thing makes my life so much easier!

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