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For those who have grown up on the hills, seeing these you might be flashing back to those unfavorable, unfashionable, uneducated tourist wearing jeans, inadequate jackets to match and sunglasses instead of goggles. If you ride, you know that every item you wear needs to be as practical and comfortable as it is stylish. Snow bunny isn't the way to go, but looking good on the hill is still a must.

This season, premium denim company, Seven for all Mankind, has teamed up with Vans to do just that--creating a fully functional denim snowboard pant. Modeled after Seven's ever-popular NY Boot-Cut style, these pants may look exactly like a pair of regular jeans, but they're designed for a rider and are perfect for the snow. Insulated for the cold days, waterproof and breathable to keep you dry and zippers at the bottom to fit them over your snowboard boots, these are perfect for the halfpipe and for that après-ski fun. Cheers!

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  1. Marieve says:

    Wow, those look awesome—finally, someone thought of making snow pants that look great!

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