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It only makes sense that I'm writing my first post a few days after completing my first juice fast. As you can see by the title of this post, girl here likes to chew. How much you ask? Well, the second night of my fast I dreamt that my friends convinced me to have a beer, which led to me gorging on french fries. The following evening my dream consisted of me sneaking a few bites from a bag of cinnamon cookies that a friend trusted me to hold for her. Both lead me to waking up in a guilt-ridden panic. Nightmare. After the second day of me feeling like a shell of myself wanting to just sleep and not talk to anyone, I surprisingly woke up on the third feeling great... so great I decided to juice for half of fourth day (The third was supposed to be my last day). But chewing on the evening of the fourth (dinner at Harlem's Red Rooster) fulfilled exactly what I had been missing the past 3 1/2 days. I was able to sit there with friends, enjoy good conversation, and indulge my senses. I know many of us are over the whole "foodie" moment, including myself, but hey, we've all got to eat, so why not enjoy doing it. There is no other thing that we do everyday that involves sight, smell, taste and sometimes even hearing. It gives you the opportunity to bond with people in a way other activities can't because you are combining so many elements of yourself and others. Dull conversation over dinner? You can always talk about how good that snapper is. So you get what my blog will consist of right?  Some posts will be descriptive, others not so much... either way, they'll be delicious or not. Chew on chewa.

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