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It's over. It came and it went faster than I could have imagined. I had many opinions about the Olympics, some good but most of them bad and pessimistic. Half of the bad ones were because the entire world would be taking over my back and front yard and the other half because my event isn't in the Olympics and the tiny dream I had of competing at the games when I was twelve was thus squashed under the mighty fist of the IOC. When I was twelve I rode half pipe and actually thought I would train the next 10 years to potentially be an Olympic gold medalist on home soil. Then I discovered slope style, an event that meant creativity and variation and no hiking. I switched pretty fast and just hoped that it'd be in by the time the big ol' rings made their way to Vancouver. I was wrong, but at least I don't have to hike all day long.

All squashed dreams aside I got to experience the Olympic Games in a city I know better than any other. I got to witness a friend's dream come to fruition after four long years of training for a single day. I got to see a country, my country, come together like I never thought possible. I let myself feel proud of people I have never met, people like Joannie Rochette, Helen Upperton and Charles Hamelin. People like the men's and women's hockey team, hell even that old dude who won curling. I was proud. Proud to be Canadian and to see my fellow countrymen fulfill a lifelong dream. If that means I bought into the commercial bullshit, the mega corporation marketing scheme then so be it. I got myself a pair of red mittens and I wear them proudly.

Not everyone was turned so quickly by the games though. Vancouver got a lot of flack for some unfortunate things that happened during the games. There was the luger from Georgia's heartbreaking and untimely death, an anti Olympic riot in downtown (really guys, it's already started. They're not leaving just cause you threw a garbage can through the window of the Bay), fogged out events, no snow at Cypress, a fence around the Olympic Cauldron and broken 'green' ice cleaners. Other countries were having a hay day nit picking at everything that was going WRONG in Vancouver. Overall though, despite all the negative press, I think we pulled it off. We built a half pipe and mogul course out of hay bails, ply wood and an extreme amount of helicopter time. We used a lot of tax payer money to build a highway no one drove, but that's safer nonetheless and we finally got a sky train to the airport. Most importantly though, we proved to the world that Canada is badass, we know how to party, we don't give a fuck what they think and are way better than everyone else at hockey. Like they didn't know that already, but I think it's an important point to get across.

So in ode to the Olympics and my full support of them and the drinking they induce, here's some party shots and some of the events I got the chance to check out. A big thanks to Gabe, Julie and Olivier for the speed skating tickets and to Susie and Amanda at Burton for the women's half pipe ticket. I'm really stoked I got to be around for it and here's hoping I get to be a part of the madness one day.

Talk soon,


PS. Congratulations to the lovely Torah Bright, well deserved girl! Also to Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark and Olivier Jean. High-five guys!

The flags at the Pacific Colosseum where short track speed skating was held.

The boys skating around. I think this was warm up. Olivier didn't podium, he finished in fourth, but ended up with Gold during the men's relay. Not too shabby for his first Olympic appearance.

I was really excited to get to go to an event so I could wear my mittens.

There was a lot of stairs to climb to get to the seating. This is after the 2km walk from the bus. They were really pushing that green thing.

People were cheering really hard. It was cool to see.

This is the man who sponsored me when I was 13. He's an amazing human and yes that board says "Hannah show me ur panties!". Just a side note, Hannah recently started an underwear company called Sweetcheeks where all the proceeds go to charity...just so you don't think Martino is a total pervert.

The halfpipe contest was blessed with beautiful weather. Dusk up at Cypress before women's finals.

My favorite shot from the event. Thanks random dude for putting your head in there.

The ladies of the hour, Hannah, Torah and Kelly. So stoked for all of you!! Thanks to Amanda for the photo.

I ride for Kevin. What a lot of people were thinking during the Games. You're in our thoughts and hearts Kev, get better soon. We miss you out here!

Beautiful False Creek. I really need to hit up Science World one of these days, it's been forever.

Jake and Donna Carpenter, the owners of Burton, threw a party, so I went. Hanging ten with my good friend Amanda.

Martino's BC Reps, myself and Amanda. This guys are the best, some of my favorite vancouver people right here. Shane, myself, Sean, Amanda and Martino.

Stephan and Sani are one half of the Burton boy band. They took a break from riding pow to party for a few nights during the Olympics. Was nice to see you for a whole 10 minutes boys.

We took one of those carriages that are pulled by a dude on a bike back to the Burton hotel after a really bad party at Gossip. Four people on one of those things was an adventure. Martino and me.

Redbull threw a huge party for Shaun that he didn't go to because he had to be at Oprah. I'd miss it too if I were him. We partied on his behalf though. Hanging with some good friends who don't snowboard. I love you girls!

Arethea, Jillian, Chelsea and Ellen. Vancouver Island REPRESENT!

Someone was dumb and gave us a bottle of Moet. Getting tipsy and poppin' bottles.

European Olympians. Kjersti, Lisa, Sarka and Cilka. Norway, Norway, Check, Slovania.

Steve doing what he does best. I dance really hard whenever this guy is around. Thanks for an awesome night bud!

Partying, no big deal.

I love Amanda. I was definitely at that stage in the night when this photo was taken.

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