News__ Turbans From Saturn

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In 2007 Prada attempted a turban revival but the only person that got hooked was an Olsen twin. This spring, Gold Saturn's collection of "turbands" (a combination of "headband" and "turban", of course) is giving the trend another shot. Designer David Jon Acosta keeps pumping out new styles from satin to studded with hearts, skulls and bubbles. If you've seen the Sex and the City 2 trailer, the striped turban on Sarah Jessica Parker's head was custom-designed by Gold Saturn. Acosta, a self-proclaimed wildchild, has done a great job of taking a vintage look and making it new again. Turbans as fashion pieces date back to the 1790's in England and were later perfected in France by designer Paul Poiret in the early twentieth century. They're the exotic answer to a bad hair day and the new evolution of hair-wear--hopefully replacing last summer's American Apparel rope head lasso. Check out the turbands and lookbook here.

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