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So, I've never told my Twilight story because I thought I'd get shunned by a couple certain ladies who blog for this magazine. I read the first book shortly after it became popular, a girlfriend lent it to me, and there had been no talk of a movie until I was in the last quarter of the story. I mistakenly watched the trailer and it ruined EVERYTHING. All that I had created in my imagination was completely different than in the movie; what I was reading and what I saw on the preview was two separate stories (And Bella and Edward were way hotter and cooler in my mind). So needless to say I was pretty disappointed with the cast, wardrobe and... pretty much everything else. I quickly got off the bandwagon and hoped right onto the hater's train--I hardly finished reading the book, skimmed it at best.

After successfully ignoring the hype, last night I was hanging at my girlie's spot and was told to pick a movie out of a sea of top notch chickflicks, stoner movies and classics. What did I choose? Twilight. Why? I have NO CLUE. Verdict: ... drumroll... I loved it!

And ladies, look at what I'm reading now:

Ps: I already have a movie date for November 20th.

Pps: To all you haters our there, don't bash it until you try it.

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  2. BENBASS says:

    Oh god…

  3. Hana May Hana says:

    I’ve promised Yosh I will watch the movie.

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