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I will be in Le city of Lovvvvvve from July 15 through to the 22nd. If you have any advice for me, please send me a list of your Paris favorites at

In case I'm too busy eating, bicycling, meeting french men, bonding with beautiful french girls, falling in fountains and making mistakes I will leave you with some things to do while I'm gone!

The next time it rains seriously look through your gross pillows and enter this contest to win adorable animal pillows. If you are a boy reading this I'm telling you these are babe magnets.

Read this post and fill out the survey! For every survey entry Matchstick with donate $2 to the Redwood Women’s Shelter. There are also three mascaras up for grabs.

I was introduced to this instrument and Damian Taylor who performs with Bjork. Insanely cool. You tube it!

My guilty tv pleasure is Grey's Anatomy, I had a few hours to catch up this weekend and watch them handle a number of what I imagine are rare medical occurrences only to read about a REAL one on Monday. Girl with two hearts.

Your friend,
Charlotte Elizzzabeth

photo via The Selby

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