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If you don't know, now you know...Iggy

Iggy Azalea is set to be the next biggest (white) thing in hip hop since Eminem. She's got the attitude, she's got the audience and she's got the ass (I had to)--but is she any good? The New York Times recently published an interesting piece about the place for white women in hip hop, Challenging Hop Hop's Masculine Ideal. For starters women, as a sex, have a hard time making room in the genre, combined that with being white and the industry is not sure if there is room for another place setting at the table. But more recently rappers like Kreayshawn and Iggy have come charging.

When I first saw Iggy's video for PU$$Y, my first thought was "Get It." Here was a chick that wasn't going to take shit from anyone, could rhyme and had awesome style--maybe not a point of judgement for most people in hip hop but something I appreciate, it adds to your swagger for lack of a better word. This song was something you'd want to hear in the club and dance with your girlfriends to, the way you did when Bey's "Single Ladies" first dropped. So I downloaded her mixtape "Ignorant Art," hoping to have that moment when you listen to a rapper blow you away on an early mixtape. I wanted to know, besides PU$$Y could she make it pop? Iggy can spit but needs to figure out her stance and stick with it. Despite rhyming from a self-confident-I-am-female-hear-me-fuck perspective Iggy also talked about maybe being "ready for the ring" and how she can "count on one hand all the dudes that's piped me." Are you putting forth powerful pussy or pussying out?

Iggy will be big regardless--the upgrade in glossy of her new video My World, is showing us the tip of the iceberg of money and management behind her--but hopefully she smooths out her lyrical stance as much as she has her look.

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