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My band has been keeping me up late these days forcing me to stay in a smoke-filled studio for hours drinking beer and recording vocals. They've also been dragging me out to forests in the middle of the night to carve up pumpkins in a stupid fur jacket for a new video we're making for a song on our LP, "Sleep Creep".

Jerks. I hate having fun.

We recorded at Nite Prison last week for a new split 7 inch we are doing with Nu Sensae titled, "Clown Life". Jesse Taylor runs Nite Prison in East Vancouver. He lives off samosas from the corner store and grapefruit soda.

Kenny chalked up a weird video for our song, "Sleep Creep". He dragged us out to a forest and we filmed from midnight until 4am surrounded by pumpkins, purple light and blistering rain. Alex, who filmed the video, is a responsible diabetic so he brought sugar-free candy, Johnny cakes, coffee and rice chips. We brought beer. Alex takes after his mother; we take after teenage boys.

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