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Before Martha Stewart started teaching the public how to cook a creamy chicken pot pie from scratch in under an hour, she was a super model who gave Kate Moss a run for her money. That's Martha with the cow on the left and Kate with the blurry stalker on the right. When is Kate going to come out with a best selling cook book? Probably never. There is a better chance that she'll just follow Martha's path to jail.

If Martha was a domestic goddess when she looked like this, I'll bet she had no girlfriends. Or all the friends she had secretly hated her behind her back because not only was she beautiful, but she made leak potato tarts that drove the her friend's husband's crazy. She probably had her own home-made, all-natural condoms too. People like Joan Rivers have made successful comedy careers by poking fun of women like Martha. If hard ass women like Rivers didn't publicly point out that being this perfect was freaky, the rest of woman-kind would crumble in Martha's impossible shadow. Martha is the stereotype we're all supposed to be, but will never achieve. No one is that perfect! It helps if you image that she picks her nose.

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2 Responses to “Martha & Moss: Nobody is Perfect Potatoes”

  1. becca says:

    i love this, and so would our mother

  2. Mish mish says:

    wasn’t Martha such a BABE?

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