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Kelsey Wallace, social commentary blogger for Bitch Magazine, posted a story yesterday about the Angelina/Oscars body backlash and the constant internet suggestions to "give her a cheeseburger". Why is everyone hating on Angelina for being thin? Hasn't she always been thin? This isn't really a Nicole Ritchie/Lindsay Lohan thing, is it? Women can't win. Too fat/too thin—it's all "bad" and faces mockery and hatred at every corner. The solution to fat hate is NOT thin hate (just like how feminism should NOT be about "getting men back" by turning the tables onto them). Aren't we smarter than this by now?

More than the "anti size sero" sentiment that's being thrown around here is the revolting notion that cheeseburgers (or corndogs) will make her healthier. Come on, people. Read a little. The vegetarians of the world are angrily frying up tofu right now and rage spicing it. Mmm..that sounds delicious. Get recipes here. And let's leave Angelina alone. Besides, we shouldn't be hating on her for her body, we should be hating on her because she's just downright haughty and unrelatable.

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