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Hana and I in 2007 experiencing a premature Valentines day in the heat of the summer.

In the summer of 2007 I met my forever Valentine--you know that ideal man that could make that dreaded February 14th night bearable but that you didn't exactly ever have to see again because truthfully girls like bad boys and bad boys have a hard time rapping their heads around a day where you can eat chocolate without worry, kiss a bunch and watch movies with someone sexy--what human in their right mind would want to do that anyway right?

I guess this is a hearty missed connection. If you were at Time Cafe in Montreal in July of 2007 enjoying the sounds of my good friend DJ Excel and you ended the steamy night by treating me to a beautiful spanish serenade with a back up chorus of 6 fired up spaniards, please contact me. Yes--you sang some deep words to me--"corazon," "mi amor," "fuego" and a whole lot of other sexy tongue twisters. I may not be a spanish queen but I know those words meant romance. Let's share your love and talent with the rest of the single Valentines out there--yes you are the modern day Fabio and Antonio Banderas has nothing on you. Consider this your chance at eternal fame, a Twista situation if you will. I know you have the power to make 1000's of lovely single Valentine's out there feel special for one night with your hypnotizing voice and dedication to love.

You made my heart race and my best friend laugh for 10 minutes, and lets face it, girls like it when you can make their friends like you. Lets do it again. I love you.

Not creepy at all,

-Kenza xo

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