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I jumped on the Shellac nail train this week and it went NOWHERE fast

Before I got 'lacked it sounded all sunshine and butterflies--dries instantly, un-chippable, won't peel off, strengthens your nails.  Well that is a load of shit. After two days of waitressing I had chips on multiple fingers and entire nails peel off! The whole point of my venture was to keep ma nails looking fresh while I was on the job. #fail

The only good thing about shellac is that it hardens immediately under a UV light.  For anyone who spent their adolescence going in and out of an orthodontist's office--the polish hardens the same way that braces glue does. Whatever, I was over braces when I was 18 anyways. (Yeah, I had them until I was 18. Loved high school.)

Lucky for me I still have a ton of sparkly, printed, colourful nail supplies that I bought in Japan. Peace shellac! I'll do it myself, as per usual.

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