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Dana (the new intern!) and I went  by BPMW's S/S '11 presentation last week to view all their upcoming collections. Lots of great stuff coming from Penfield, Stussy, including a collab for Stussy deluxe we're drooling over, and Claw Money, who has us in the mood for a Miami vacay!

At the showroom, there was a terrarium table operated by Twig Terrariums. We got to build our own terrariums and obviously I was all over this.

Michelle and Katy from Twig Terrariums explained how to put the little living bottles together.

So we got to it. First step, we had to put rocks in the jars.

Then we soaked mulch in water.

We packed in the wet mulch, then dirt, then green moss and decorated with rocks and little people.

And tada! Our terrariums.

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