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You wash your face, you exfoliate your face, you moisturize your face and you mask your face. But we want to tell you why you should also be massaging your face. This may sound a little odd, but it does wonders for your face.

Adding a short face massage into your skincare routine a few times a week can de-puff your eyes, plump your cheeks and give you a more defined jawline. It can also minimize fine lines and get rid of oily areas.

Here are three face massaging techniques to try:

The Deep-Cleansing Massage

Instead of immediately rinsing off your oil cleanser, massage it into your skin. La Mer global skincare advisor Joanna Czech says that this can make your cleanser 30% more effective. You know those expensive electronic facial brushes? This massage does the exact same thing.

To do this massage, dampen your skin and massage the oil into your face with two fingers. Use circular motions starting at your forehead, down to your temples, around your eyes, down your nose, cheeks and jawline, then finish with your neck and chest. Rinse with cool water.

The Plumping/Contouring/Lifting Massage

This is the perfect massage to do right before you apply your makeup. It makes your skin tone look more even and plumps up your face a bit.

To do this massage, use a toner or serum as opposed to an oil cleanser. Try something water-based with no alcohol and use a cotton pad. Using a tap and release method, start at your chest and work your way up to your face. Go over your forehead three times to give it a nice lift.

While the results only last a few hours, the more often you do this massage, the more results you’ll see.

The Ice-Therapy, De-Puffing Massage

Long gone are cream and charcoal masks. These days, it’s all about the sheet masks. But here’s a trick to intensify the benefits of your sheet mask: run two ice cubs all over the mask.

If this feels a little too cold, try wrapping the ice in a thin washcloth or gauze. Run them all over your face, starting at your nose and working your way out for maximum de-puffing.

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