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You’ve got your makeup routine down to a science. You probably have a specific order that you follow and know exactly how many minutes it takes you to fly out the door. But could your routine be missing something vital?

Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of her own beauty company, says that the important step most women forget is setting their makeup. This may seem like an annoying and useless extra step, but Kashuk says it can mean the difference between your makeup sliding off in a few hours or making it to your 8 p.m. barre class.

While you could just use a setting powder, there are lots of other ways you can keep your face in place. There’s no one-size-fits-all, either. It all depends on your skin type. How much oil, damage and hydration your skin has all affects the way you should set your face. So which method is best for you?

Blow Drying
You probably already use your blow dryer every morning, so why not kill two birds with one stone? But is it safe? Susan Heydt, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Suze Makeup Studio says that if you’re going to use the blow drying method, you should absolutely be sure to use a low heat setting and have good environmental humidity to avoid skin damage. Heydt recommends this method for people with youthful skin.

Setting Spray
A setting spray is a light mist that you apply to your face after you’ve applied your makeup. Vanessa Ungaro, co-owner of LAUREN+VANESSA salon, says, “It creates smoother-looking skin and prevents makeup from melting, cracking, fading, or settling into fine lines.” This method is especially good for people with dry-to-normal skin.

Translucent Powder
If your skin tends to get oily, powder may be the way to go. It sets your makeup while getting rid of excess shine. Kashuk says that you don’t even need to apply translucent powder on your entire face— you can simply dust on problem areas like the T-zone.

Why not get ahead of the game? Primer turns your face into the perfect canvas before you start applying your makeup. Lori Leib, creative director of Bodyography and makeup artist says, “They soften fine lines and wrinkles, control oil and shine, and create a barrier between skincare and makeup. Primer will not only make your complexion look flawless, but it really gives your makeup something to cling to for all-day wear.”

Yes, seriously. This is a method that lots of people swear by. You use it for your hair, why not use it to keep your face in place too? Just make sure to avoid brands with alcohol, as they can try out your skin.

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