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If there’s one thing you always bring when you exercise, it’s your headphones. Okay, sometimes you forget those. But hopefully your second workout go-to is your water bottle. When you’re getting your sweat on, you’re losing a lot of essential hydration, which needs to be replaced. But is water enough to keep you going, or should you be drinking something else?

If you’re someone who grabs a Gatorade every time they head to the gym, you may want to reconsider. Unless you’re doing something super vigorous, like running a half-marathon, you probably don’t need to be drinking sports drinks. They can be really high in sugar and calories, which isn’t always great for your fitness goals.

But if you find that you just don’t feel right without it, try switching to something low-cal and with less sugar, like Gatorade G2. G2 has just 25 calories and 7 grams of sugar per serving, compared to the 80 calories and 21 grams of sugar in the Gatorade G series.

If you’re not a fan of drinking water while you work out but you don’t want to drink a sports drink, coconut water is your friend. Coconut water has just 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving and the nutrients resemble that of a low-cal sports drink. Coconut water hydrates you just as well, if not better, than water and will add a little flavor to your workout.


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