Get Fit__ Making Your Dreaded Cardio (Ugh) Worthwhile (Yay)

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If you’ve been slaving away on the elliptical every day for the past year, it may be time to consider a new routine. You know you have to get your cardio in somehow, but why stick to machines when there’s a more natural and beneficial way to boost your heart rate?

We’re talking about jogging. Running does amazing things for your body that other forms of cardio simply do not. Here are a few of the coolest benefits you get from jogging.

Being able to use the elliptical machine for a long time doesn’t really get you too far in the real world. But do you know what does? Running. Building up your running endurance over a period of weeks or months will help you build the endurance to do other tough exercises, like hiking.

Muscle Definition
While using cardio machines on high resistance might give you some leg definition, nothing compares to the muscle definition that comes from regular jogging. You’ll be surprised how quickly your legs tone up when you’re running up hills every day.

Mental Health
Ever hear of a runner’s high? You’ll rarely hear the same term used for walking or biking. The runner’s high is a state of euphoria that comes from running. Your serotonin levels will also be boosted, making you less stressed and more relaxed. 

Strong Bones
You can thank your jogging routine when you don’t start breaking hips before the age of 60. Running puts stress on your bones, so your body sends more minerals to them, which makes them stronger.

You know your powerful enough to run for miles plus that spandex doesn't look so bad on you either.

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