Get Fit__ Twenty Minutes of CrossFit Can Burn As Many Calories As a Whole Gym Sesh

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We’ve always heard the intensive workout of CrossFit is a huge calorie burner in addition to its brutality. But just how many calories can we expect to burn during the high-intensity workout?

Scientists at Kennesaw State University studied Cindy, one of the fitness brand’s boasted timed workouts, and found that just 20 minutes of this intense workout can shed up to 261 calories.

“Because the exercises incorporate all your muscles and you do them intensely, the workout is impressive in terms of caloric expenditure,” said Brian Kliszczewicz, Ph.D., the lead study author in an interview with Women’s Health.

Just 20 minutes of CrossFit can burn as many calories as a 30 minute gym sesh – and that’s pretty impressive.

Via: Women's Health

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