Get Healthy__ Here’s Why You’re Always Craving Candy

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You probably have that one friend who never eats sweets, and you've probably have her pegged as crazy. She doesn’t stay away from sweets because she’s trying to be healthy, she actually just doesn’t like them. But give her some popcorn or a bag of chips and it's over for her.

Julie Mennella, a biopsychologist who studies the science behind taste says that your sweet (or salty!) tooth is mostly genetic. While you probably don’t dislike sweet foods or salty foods, you may have lower levels of one or the other. Your DNA determines how sensitive you are to sweet or salty foods. So if you have a sweet tooth, you have a higher sweet threshold, make you crave sugar to satisfy your cravings.

Mennella also adds, “When it comes to [the] liking of sweet, it’s not just how sensitive you are. It’s also what’s happening in your brain. The sweet signal gets sent to reward centers in your brain.”

Another reason you might be craving sweet foods is because you’re used to eating them. “The more of one flavor you have in your diet, the more you become accustomed to it,” Mennella says.

So you're sweet cravings? Pretty much not your fault--it's science. The more you know!

Via: Women's Health

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