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Almost fifty years later, The Factory still looks like one of the coolest place to hang out.

Back in 1964 Andy Warhol allowed an outsider into The Factory. David McCabe, a prolific photographer, was invited into the art space to document the every day lives of the artists, musicians and hangers-on who basically lived there. Of them, Edie Sedgwick, a young, vibrant actress/model/artist who became Warhol’s famous muse. She is captured in many of the 2,500 photographs taken over a 12 month period. Warhol had so much control over these photos (in an attempt to control his public image) that much of the collection was originally rejected. Now, many unseen photographs from a lost era of strange art and even stranger fame have re-surfaced and are on display at Proud Chelsea in London. The exhibit runs until December 4, 2011.

See more of David McCabe’s photos of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, among others below.

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