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Millie Brown vomits her art

Vomiting artist (yes, "vomiting artist"), Millie Brown's latest effort "Nexus Vomitus" plays with performance art, opera and bulimia in a way never seen before.  Last July, Brown was filmed for Live Studios creating her painting "Nexus Vomitus." Brown sits in a white room, next to a white canvas, joined by two opera singers dressed in white. She gingerly sips on colored milk smoothies and then vomits up the liquid onto the canvas in a very calm and controlled process (watch the video here). After reading a few Q&A's with Brown, we are still unsure if this is a comment on bulimia or just a new way to paint without your hands, but one thing is for sure is that Brown always paints this way.

Gagged on: Animal New York

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2 Responses to “BUILIMIC ART”

  1. jess bloom says:

    puking totally makes me puke.i could not look at this for too long.

  2. Njani says:

    this is what i call shit, and anti art

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