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The late photographer Corinne Day’s photo book to come out this month

When you picture Kate Moss circa mid-90s, you're probably visualizing an image created by Corinne Day. And to mark the first year since the artist’s passing, Morel Books (best known for Ryan McGinley’s Moonmilk and Ed Templeton’s Drinking the Kool-Aid) is launching Heaven Is Real, a compilation of the photographer’s most iconic images, as well as an unseen collection of unpublished works and editorial outtakes.

Corinne Day’s legacy began when her photograph of teenaged Kate Moss appeared on the cover of THE FACE magazine in 1990. Capturing the candid faces of a young undercurrent generation with honesty and intimacy was her specialty, and a gift to the often-objectifying world of editorial.

In the meantime, see more of Corinne Day's work below.

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