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Best friends and cry babies, an interview with the ladies behind CRYBABY Presents, a curated concept store that integrates fine art, fashion, product design, and pop-culture

I'm not prone to envy (yes, I am) but if I were (I am), I would probably be pretty chocolate jealous of Dakota Solt and Lisa Ziven. The Los Angeles based artists and childhood BFFs (I have friends, I swear) attended RISD (which is an okay school, I suppose) and both worked in various parts of the art world before teaming up on their latest venture, CRYBABY Presents. Part gallery, part concept shop, CRYBABY is a semi-permanent art and design installation, which features both curated work from artists as well as hand-picked accessories, furniture, books, and clothing. On December 10th the girls held their second event, "Total Lunar Eclipse," featuring work from artists Mariah Robertson, Jesse Greenberg, Whitney Claflin, and Ashley Zangle, as well as a live performance from Mini Mansions. Music was provided by OK Go's Tim Norwind, and happiness was provided by my favorite artist, tequila.

We had a chance to chat with the ladies of CRYBABY about how not jealous I am of them and their super cool project. Also more photos from the Total Lunar Eclipse event below.

Photo by: Logan White

The name CRYBABY Presents: are you guys just bad sports?

The name derives from John Water’s cult classic Cry Baby. We'd like CRYBABY Presents to have some sort of a cult following. We also just like the idea of cults, the occult, you know. We’re great sports!

When was the last time you cried and why?

Dakota: I cried a lot last week.

Lisa: Friday, after being in my car for 7 hours straight.

When was the last time you made someone else cry, you mean bully?

Crying is pretty contagious, if one of us cries, the other one ends up crying too.

With no limitations (including time and space), you can plan any event in your shop. What is the event like?

Curating an installation that includes music, film, books, art and fashion and blasting it into space. Oh ya, and having Hatchet Face light the rocket on fire! Then afterwards, burying it into a time capsule for the future cry babies to find.

Describe your personal style in three words:

Dakota: Clueless meets Hackers meets Charade.
Lisa: A little classic, a little harajuku and a little punk rock

What's the best item in your store right now to get as a gift for one's significant other?

All For The Mountain titty pendants, Wood Wood computer cases, Postalco foldout calendars, Illesteva sunglasses--just come into the store!

What's on your holiday wish list?

Dakota: a vacation, preferably to a place with waterfalls and dolphins.
Lisa: a new couch, a Unis varsity jacket and a pair of good pajamas

Where do you see CRYBABY going in the future?

To space and underground, duh!

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If you are in Los Angeles, stop by the CRYBABY Presents space at 171 S. La Brea Ave and say hello (and buy something for me). You can also follow CRYBABY Presents on Twitter.

Photos by: Rick Rodney (unless otherwise indicated)

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