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Just when you thought all hope was lost in finding a five star eligible bachelor, hearty has gone to the depths of the finest dive bars, studios (photo and music) and internet lurking spaces to bring you:


These men run the gamut from musicians to tattoo shop owners to fashion guys and photographers, and include heavy hitters like DJ A-Trak of Fool's Gold Records and P-Thugg of Chromeo. You have just enough time to track them down before the 14th and make them yours. And if not, chocolate is always an option, don't let the writing on the back of the box discourage you.

Warning: Don't suck on one of those heart shaped cinnamon candies while reading this,  the answers are hilarious and we don’t want to be responsible for anyone choking on Valentine’s Day.

Let the stalking begin!


Name: Mayer Hawthorne
Age you act: As young as I can get away with.
Job: I'm an equal opportunity food eater, and I sing on the side.

A song lyric that describes what you look for in a woman?

“I like my asses fat not flat” -Quasimoto

Come up with a creative free (ie no $) date.

I mean, a day at the beach is awesome for me. Going and laying out on the beach and hitting the ocean.

We're not dating, but someone says we look good together. What's your response?

“Of course we do!”

One word to describe your skills in the sack:


What clothing of yours does a girl look best in?

I love when girls wear men’s underwear. Like boy shorts. So my underwear!

If MySpace was still popular, what would your "Who I'd Like To Meet?" say:

I always wanna meet girls that are independent and can do their own thing.

Last way you'd want to spend Valentine's day?


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