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A new posthumous release from Elliott Smith

We've all spent a little bit of time with Elliott Smith's music--usually alone in a dark room. The deceased singer-songwriter didn't exactly write the most uplifting songs but if you need a soundtrack for your down days, he's your man. Tracks like "Needle in the Hay" and "Miss Misery" are haunting, soul-wrenching and honest.

Since his suicide in 2003 (or was it...), devoted fans have cherished compilation albums of his posthumously released tracks. Thanks to a newly discovered MiniDisc recording of Elliott at WMUC-FM in 1997, there's another song to add to the list. A former DJ of the student-run radio station at the University of Maryland found the MiniDisc when he decided to sell his old player on eBay. He popped it open and there was Elliott Smith's missing live studio performance. At the very beginning, there's part of an unheard song titled "Misery Let Me Down."

Get a cereal bowl to catch your tears and listen to Elliott Smith's "Misery Let Me Down" below. For a more detailed account of the story, check out the original article from the Washington Post.

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