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Courtney Bonnell, the Director of Vendor Relations for (capsule) Women’s shows is giving us a day-by-day diary of Paris Fashion week and (capsule), taking us to the parties and showing us some of her favorites from the collections.

(capsule) Paris Women's Day 2
By: Courtney Bonnell

Everyone was off to a rough start this morning, following the (capsule) party at Paris’ newest restaurant/speakeasy-esque lounge called Le Pompon on Rue des Petites Epecuries in the 10th. Opened by (capsule) friend Charaf Tajer, a member of the Pigalle crew of nightlife and fashion fame, we were honored to follow up the venue’s amazing opening bash (on Friday) with a more intimate bash for the (capsule) women’s show participants the very next night.

P is for Le Pompon! Our DJs Sheeks (Shaniqwa) and Golden Thumb (Angelo) kept the energy high and dance floor packed.

Christel from Wood Wood and Safia Bahmed-Schwartz.

Momo and Corrado.

Parisian bartenders are cuter.

Party time!

After some morning coffee and croissant I had a chance today to meet and talk with Rachael Cornelius, who is the European brand manager of Gary Graham (and embodiment of the Gary Graham aesthetic).  It is one of my favorite collections, and one that I’m super excited to have with us at (capsule) Paris.

Before starting his eponymous label, Gary Graham was a costume designer by trade and an artist by nature. He is really involved in all stages of the collection process, from conception to conclusion. All of his unique prints are inspired by photographs or actually are manipulated photographs he’s selected or taken.

His SS2011 collection was inspired by nature and finding the beauty in things damaged or destroyed.  This inspiration plays off his recurrent experiments with deconstruction and reconstruction, which he often thinks of in terms of “light and dark.”  Basically, he never leaves something as is, it’s never too pretty, there is never too clean an edge, and things are always to be styled with contradiction in mind.

One of the coolest pieces in the collection, the "vertical horizon legging,” is a print of a burnt forest, which is derived from a photograph.

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  1. Ali Basye says:

    Those are my DREAM leggings! I’m a huge Gary Graham fan but have not yet seen the yellow dress you pictured or the floral fabric—or is that the same piece? Where is his work available in Paris? It’s just stunning.

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