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Fred Perry is the perfect accompaniment to fried fish and pints of beer

Fred Perry's summer 2011 lookbook offers up some retro-mod threads for wiling the day away in your local pub. Kneesocks, neckties and monochromatic color-blocking will keep you classy no matter how many pints you slug back. If they try to kick you out, you can always point to the Fred Perry crest over your heart and demand to speak to the manager. When the manager appears, you can explain how you and your impeccable wide-strap head band, skinny belt and smooth bangs will stop yelling at the bartender to change the song. If that doesn't work, you can always go to the country club.

See more pub looks from the Fred Perry summer 2011 lookbook below.

We weren't that wowed by the men's wear in the lookbook but cruise on over to Hypebeast if you want to see a chiseled cheekbone or two.

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