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Grimes has a brand new video for "Oblivion" and we love it

"See you on a dark night," goes the chorus of Grimes' track "Oblivion." And in this case the dark night is filled with motocross, cheerleaders, football players and lots of topless dudes. "Oblivion" comes off of Grimes' album Visions, and director Emily Kai Bock who has managed to somehow turn masculine activities into a dreamy experience--there's just enough weird paired with nostalgic activities. The adorable pink haired songstress, whose given name is Claire Boucher, seems to enjoy every moment of it, dancing with the team and enjoying some muscle building in the locker room. Dark night or not, we love every moment of it too.

Watch Grimes' new video for "Oblivion" below.

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  1. Mish Mish says:

    Great video.

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