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Things didn't exactly go smoothly for French Producer Son of Kick and his collaborators while making the video for his deliciously bass-heavy track, "Guacha". For starters, they got arrested for trespassing while they were shooting. "We shot in an old German Army hospital from the 30's/40's--was really creepy," Son of kick says. "You can imagine the vibes in there.” After the slight rough up with the police, they lost all their hard earned footage.  "The bag with the hard drives got stolen in the bus on the way back from the airport.” Fortunately they were able to retrieve the footage from the friend who did the file transfer. It was in his PC's trash bin.

The new EP features Latin American singer, Natalia Clavier, French artist/actor Disiz, French rapper/designer Grems and rapper, Micro Coz, Son of Kick's MC alias. He said he wasn't sure that too many people actually knew that Micro Coz and Son of Kick are the same person (shhh secret). "Guacha" is the sequel to the video, “Revolution B,” though the artists involved haven’t decided which story comes first. “All up to the viewer really. A 3rd and final chapter will come with one of the next singles.”

Based in London, Son of Kick has crafted a unique flavor of dubstep infused with intricacies that reflect his vast skills—he’s also a DJ, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and an avid consumer of any type of sound he can get his hands on. His talent has been recognized by the likes of Dub Step and breakbeat producers, Bassnectar,  Stanton Warriors, and he has done remixes for them, Tokyo Police Club, Husky Rescue, Kotchy, and more.

You can buy the “Guacha” EP on iTunes and listen to more Son of Kick here.

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