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Thomas Fricilone (@theheartichoke) of Biz 3 Publicity is off to The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Sweden, Belgium and Britain documenting the music, culture and weirdos he finds along the way for hearty

By: Thomas Fricilone

Welcome to the Hearty Boy blog, for the next few weeks I'll be documenting my travels with friend, Shawn Rosenblatt, sole songwriter and performer of the band Netherfriends as well as close friend and costume designer Aly Barohn.  Shawn is touring the country as Aly and I come along, help drive, keep company, and document the things we see.  With no expectations, we find ourselves walking into interesting buildings, shows, and parties almost everyday.  My first account worth mentioning happened in a very small town outside of Amsterdam known as Haarlem. From the people we met, we learned Haarlem is a very old town with not much young excitement.  However, while walking around we happened to encounter a very strange party.  Hosted by Kinki, a fashion and design academy in the Netherlands, the party was a year end celebration with students and employees showing off their ability to create interesting hairstyles and fashion.

We found the party while walking to the venue Shawn played at.  Outside, men and women with bright pink and green hair smoked.  Seeing this as an opportunity to meet some interesting people we walked up and talked to them, after mentioning we wanted to take their photos for a fashion site, the multimedia director of Kinki over heard us and shouted, "Fashion! I'll show you fashion!" and dragged us into a large hall where a dance party commenced.  Over 150 people were dancing, drinking, and hanging with their friends as DJs spun.  Behind them, a giant projector displayed videos of mannequins spinning and displaying outrageous outfits.  Some people more outlandish than others, the pictures below show some of our favorite people.

More from Thomas' trip to come! Follow his Twitter for now: @theheartichoke

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