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Dowload and load our Spring 2012 cover as your desktop background

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but we want you to put us in the background. Our new Spring 2012 digital cover is meant to be downloaded and saved as your desktop image. The cover features work by our new featured artist Many-Lyn Antoniou and will transform your computer into "ready for spring" mode. Aka make it look pretty.

To give a glimpse into what the cover looks like on your desktop (and give you a voyeuristic look into our computers), we had the hearty staff screen capture their desktops. Check out hearty contributor Kate Brown's above and the rest out below. And be sure to send us screen captures of your desktops to Wee wanna see!

Gillian Damborg, Art Director

Michaela Rechtschaffner, Editorial Assistant

Dana Droppo, Managing Editor

Hana May, Editorial Director

Jess Bloom, Contributing Author

Hillary Eaton, Editorial Intern

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