News__ H vs. H Project LV #BabeBattle

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At hearty, we love everyone (well that's not true) but we do love most. Especially these 10 unassuming babes we found at the PROJECT show Las Vegas.

To stir a little commotion at the recent PROJECT tradeshow, and maybe to give us an excuse to talk to hotties, we decided to go to battle with Highsnobette. Two on two, who could find 10 cuter babes at the show. (Disclaimer on behalf of the guys: Some of them didn't know what they were getting into before we snapped their pics.)

Check out Highsnobette's picks here and ours below. We think we did pretty well, but we need your back up. Vote for which online magazine you think did a better job scouting out 10 babes by leaving a comment (and maybe your phone number).

We couldn't separate the brothers.

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