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'Warriors come out and play!' is what ladies will be chanting until they can get their hands on the new Hellz Bellz Fall '09 collection. Titled, Style Warriors, Delivery One shows us that Hellz Bellz--lead by this months Cover Story Lanie--is paying attention, not only to what us chicas want, but to detail, form, function and durability. This Aztec inspired colorful season features highly stylized denim (with functional padding for chillier days), new silhouettes (like the ‘Defensive,’ a woven button up with ruffle details in the front and a clever slit on the back) and hoodies that have been given a little extra touch (transforming them into fashion forward necessities!). Style Warriors celebrates 'women who escape the mundane and predictable in every facet of their lives.' That sounds about right. Hellz yeah!

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