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Vegans can go ahead and stop reading right now

There are few fashion houses that have maintained their position as respected and coveted purveyors of fine goods for over 100 years. French fashion house Hermès has been producing quality goods since 1837. And ever since the 18th century, leather has been one of their most-used material. To pay homage, London's Royal Academy Galleries has a new exhibition called "Leather Forever."

The exhibition takes up 12 rooms, displays the many types of leathers Hermès has used, explores the role of leather as a fine good, and shows the history of Hermès. Tracking Hermes' beginnings in modest 19th century saddle shops, the exhibit also focuses on classic Hermes items like the "Kelly" named after Grace Kelly, the "Birkin" named after Jane Birkin, and even includes a tribute to Great Britain with four handbags designed for each British nation.

It seems that fashion as art has been a trend of late. The Design Museum of London has just put on a tremendous Christian Louboutin exhibit, The MET is showing "Impossible Conversations" an exhibition about Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. And last summer, The MET showed a breathtaking tribute to Alexander McQueen. Does fashion deserves a presence in a museum as much as a sculpture or a painting does?

Hermès "Leather Forever" runs at the London Royal Academy Galleries until May 27.

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