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Chloe Sevigny plays a Northern Irish pre-op transgendered assassin in Hit & Miss

It's safe to say that British show Hit & Miss ups the ante. In the first three minutes of the first episode, Chloe Sevigny whips out her gun and, well, her other gun. Yes, the actress donned a prosthetic penis for her role as Mia, a male-to-female transsexual who kills people for a living. As if that wasn't enough plot, Mia is also bequeathed a brood of children, one of which is her own, after their mother dies.

The premise of Hit & Miss might sound slapstick but the show actually takes itself quite seriously. While Chloe Sevigny's performance (fake accent and all) is largely applauded, the lack of humor in the writing has been highlighted as a shortcoming by many critics. The performances are almost too earnest and there's a heavy-handed pedantic edge to Mia's gender identification. She's a transgendered contract killer who's now responsible for a ragtag team of kids but not being able to joke around might be her tragic flaw.

Created by Paul Abbott (Coronation Street, Shameless), the six-part series already aired overseas but it's now available in the US via DirecTV. It seems likely that the American success of Hit & Miss will determine whether there's a second season. To whet your palate, DirecTV posted the first episode on YouTube for free. Check out the trailer below and watch the full premiere here.

What do you think? Are you into this new role for Chloe Sevigny or do you miss her French-braided evil Mormon ways on Big Love?

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