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Jeremy Scott taps into your childhood and acid-tripping

When checking out Jeremy Scott’s fall/winter ’11 collection, a minor detail might have passed you by. There are mangy teddy foxes dangling from the models’ hands. Remember when you were really young, and your teddy used to drag behind you on the floor? You looked really cute, and Jeremy Scott tapped into that.

Jeremy Scott’s f/w '11 line was titled Candy Flip, which makes sense given the array of colors and exaggerated prints that filled this collection--there are panda bears popping out of sneakers and an ‘Enjoy God’ graphic on a sweater. Candyflipping is also Manchester slang for taking Ecstasy and LSD at the same time.  So get ready to trip out on Jeremy Scott's hyper-pigmented orange, yellow and red teddy foxes, they're available now.

See more of Jeremy's Scott's teddy foxes below.

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