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Karl Lagerfeld had a dream. A dream where the uber-rich could explore all the "necessities" of a beautiful life. He dreamed a place that hosted enough fantasy, prestige and scope to have rivers, forests, malls and residences "seamlessly combine" with the tropical landscape. But this design dream, a true Isla Moda, was put on hold. Shattered.

According to The Cut, Lagerfeld was designing a man-made private island community off Dubai. Oppenheim, the architecture firm supporting this lavish project has put the dream world on hold and images of the island have leaked onto the internet without the firm's consent.

"The project is on hold, basically," said Carolina Botero, a rep from Oppenheim. "It's kind of unfortunate. I don't know. There's not a lot going on. There's not a lot going on anywhere."

Botero also told The Observer that she holds hope that this island of couture will be completed one day.

No Dubai for now, Lagerfeld. Dream on.

Via: The Cut & The Observer
Images via: Styleite

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